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Satan's Little Helper
When the moon staggers drunk to her borrowed bed
And the wolfing devours the light
There's a stirring within his well-combed visage
There the Devil dances with pride
Twist and shudder and jerk and caress
And floorboards sing the carols of night
A funeral march, and oh, it is sweet
The pistol, the noose, and the knife
Oh, it's been so long since this family laughed
He's pondered between his naps
And mother and father, they no longer talk
The Lord has retreated, perhaps?
"I must do like they taught me, to find the love
Inside there must be some still
Inside of myself, and of them, and of all
Their outsides must just be ill!"
A glimmer of steel, it's only a toy
And beautiful children we all
A sliver of moonlight impales the eye
As the loving son walks the hall
"I must show my love, confess it, I must
And see their pleased crimson blush
My dearest mother, you will have your smile
My dearest father, so joyous and wide!
Such love, all the love, in torrents will gush!"
He lovingly traces, wit
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Mature content
Melencolia_Love and the Gun :icondrakonjj:Drakonjj 1 3
(A Dialogue with the Dead)
Night comes in tatters now…
Revelries of death and decay surround this hollow isle
On and on their welcoming alms dissect me away from sleep
Birthing stillborn children of contemplation
Enumerated puppets of no fate, puppets of chance, puppets of finite self-realization
Reclining unashamed before the unrelenting herald of endless black
Endless undeath
Come… when you enter a room full of human voices, what do you see?
I see dancing skeletons, skulls under matted wigs of hair
Weaved to provide a grotesque uniqueness to each animated corpse
Talcum-powdered bones, bones everywhere,
Distraught gaping mouths, collecting, swallowing the blackness
Eating life.
Intimately cut clothing a disguise, serving to conceal the grave ornaments, the earth
Reassuring shreds of decaying flesh
Unhurried worms exploring the eyesockets in search of meaning
Bringing out only a soft "death, death, death..."
Every fear rendered from a man's bosom come alive
Crowds of r
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How Does It Feel
How does it feel
To love someone and despair?
Tell me
Never to console oneself with
Gratuitous reassurances
"If only I'd wanted to"
"If only I'd tried"
Knowing smiles
Lovely alternatives
Taking the carmine-painted hand
Of another fantasy in black leather
Enlighten me
How would it feel
To come upon a veil
As resolute and immovable
As Milton's God
Descended like a swarm of locusts
Upon the white-armed form of one's affections
What would it be like
To know that not even a changing of the guard
In the stars
Nor the sudden insanity of the sun, the domain of Ra
Nor a folding of immutable time, bountiful space
Shall drive her into your open arms
Fill your parched, cynical heart
With the sweet fruit
Of ill success
Would you like to know?
Come watch the nightingale sing
Of immutable blackness
Of four pomegranate seeds
And howls from the hallway of leaves
Where some old and spiteful force
Holds her, ignorant and disrobed, far and far
Where desires are valueless
Passion needless
Where love
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My apologies for the quality of the Deviations currently posted. Out of a desire for authenticity (or perhaps simply because of everyone's favourite sin of sloth), I've only taken photos of my work, and not great ones at that. Sometime in the future, I will likely address this.

Cheers and thanks for watching,



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